12 in Candlestick, Tapered, Buttercream


12 in Candlestick, Tapered, Buttercream


Our beeswax enhanced dinner candles:

  • maintain a solid color throughout

  • contain wicks made of 100% natural fibers

  • retain a virtually dripless burn

  • are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Root Taper candles are continuously dipped to create up to 35 individual layers of wax, for solid, consistent color throughout. The smooth satin-like wax, compliments any style of your dinner table setting.

Our 12" Smooth Taper Dinner Candle has a 7/8" diameter base, to fit into any fine dinner candle holder. Root Candles' Smooth Tapers burn an impressive 1 hour per inch and are available in the designer palette of 14 year round colors and 8 seasonal colors that rotate throughout the year. Available in two lengths; 9" and 12".

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