John Henry All Purpose Rubs


John Henry All Purpose Rubs

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Lil Shag All Purpose Rub: The most versatile rub. Well balanced with a hint of smoke. Best on brisket, chicken, ribs and vegetables. 13.5oz.

Texas Brisket Rub: Award winning brisket rub. Designed to hold the juices in while penetrating the beef and spreading flavor throughout the brisket or tri-tip. Use this rub along with our brisket marinade for an award-winning feast. 12.5oz.

Texas Chicken Tickler: Grand Champion Winner of the 2005 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. A balance of herb & garlic pepper. Super on chicken, beef or vegetables. 11oz.

Mojave Garlic Pepper Seasoning: A moderate hint of garlic and peppers. Super on chicken and a delight when applied on prepared foods at the table. 13.5oz.

Pecan Rub: The #1 selling rub seasoning, once a regional product, it has gained worldwide appeal in all markets. Good on pork, poultry or fish. 12oz.

Bourbon Rub: For those that love good bourbon and that great smell. Good on pork, poultry or fish. 11oz.

Texas Pig Rub: A winner of cook-offs, across the nation. The one of a kind taste you will never forget, the flavor stays with you. 12oz.

Jalapeno Rub: Excellent on ribs, briskets, vegetables and pork roasts. So get your taste buds ready for a taste that is true to Texas. 12oz.

Apple Rub Seasoning: The only seasoning that gives your dish the flavor of wine. Very good on pork, poultry or fish. 12oz.